The Howling Zodiac

The Howling Zodiac

Scavenger Hunt now LIVE!

Start the hunt by weaving through the moving Easter eggs to find hidden eggs throughout this website. They will then take you to a hidden portal where you must crack the code.

It is there where you will find great rewards! But don't be slow, some rewards are limited and you may miss out!

When you've gotten the hang on this hunt then head over to the Easter Quiz found in the link in our bio on Instagram.


1. This is a game to have fun! Please no getting hoppity and grumpy if a code you want doesn't work, it just means someone got to it before you.

2. If we find out you've been sharing the whereabouts of these hidden portals then WE will be hoppity and grumpy

3. Only one code per order.  Any 20% off code is able to be used multiple times throughout this weekend however any other code is limited to one per customer.

4. To qualify for our main giveaway prize, you must be following our instagram as well as all of our models.

Have fun playing along in our scavenger hunt! Can't find any eggs? Stick around and help will arise...

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