We pride ourselves at The Howling Zodiac on our completely customisable, handmade products. Most products usually come with a vast amount of options to choose from, some straight forward and some that may spark some confusion. Our aim in this Blog is to answer as many Frequently asked questions that we have with our products, shipping and production.Is your question not in here? email us at Demmi@thehowlingzodiac.com with your question.

Customisation options

Can I request custom colours for my leash or collar?

Yes and no. We strive to create the perfect unique items for your pet however there are certain colours that are unobtainable without custom ordering in from our suppliers. If there is a custom colour that you don’t see on our website, shoot us a request at the bottom of this page and someone will get back to you in regards to your colour.

How long does it take you to make one leash?

It’s hard to put a production time on one individual leash as they are all different, the more colours equals more time involved. Our braided leashes with 5+ colours can take 2-3 days from start to finish, or our single colours can generally be done in a day. We do aim to do all like colours at the same time.

Why is there a wait time of up to eight weeks for my order?

Although it takes up to 2-3 days to make your leash, we often have a large amount of orders to get through at any given time and a large amount of orders have multiple leashes and collars. We aim to work in the order that they are placed, so you may have a wait period of 2-8 weeks. 

What is ‘whipping’?

Whipping is the string that secures the ends of each braid on your leash or collar. we finish all of our ropes with what they call ‘Sailor Makers Whipping’ which is one of the most secure ways of finishing a braid. Our whipping will either be fitted using jute twine or cotton twine depending on the style and colours of the rope. Custom orders will have the ability to choose from a range of coloured wax twine or jute.

Can I choose the order my colours will go in?

Yes. When placing your order be mindful that we will colour the rope based on the order you write your colours. If we feel that the colours don’t flow nicely or feel that a different order would flow nicer then we will email or DM you on Instagram.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. Custom orders will be available for the first week of every month. There will be a limited amount of spots available for custom orders so the best way to not miss out is to select everything you would like BEFORE the first week of the month, that way to can go straight to checkout.

Can I change the thickness of my leash?

Yes. Our standard thickness for our leashes are 12mm however we do have other sizes on hand and are able to custom order in a few sizes. Besides our standard thickness, our most requested size is either 8mm or 10mm. There will be occasional releases of different thicknesses for our pre-made leashes.


General Questions

Do you ship world wide?

Yes. We frequently ship overseas.

Can I get my products wet?

Yes. To find out to proper care for your new products when they get wet or dirty, be sure to check out how to clean your products.

Can I pay off my order?

Australian residents have the pleasure of being able to pay off their orders in four easy instalments with AFTERPAY. Australian and residents of New Zealand and the UK are also able to use LayBuy!

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