We’re back! Now what?

Well lets be frank folks, we couldn’t stay away for long… A couple of months is all it took to gather our thoughts and readjust how we run things around here to make it better than ever, for everyone!

We know that a lot of you are super keen to order and get your hands on some new THZ gear and we don’t blame you. You may have seen some new colour swatches pop up as well as some story posts teasing you of whats to come. But there are some changes that you’ll need to know before diving into the great world of colour.

Whats changed?
  1. Instead of having an unlimited amount of custom orders able to be made, we will be having monthly releases where a limited amount of custom orders can be placed. These releases will happen during the first week of every month, starting on the 1st and ending on the 7th. We anticipate this period to be extremely busy and since there is a limited amount of spots we suggest you pick out what you would like prior to the release to avoid disappointment of missing out.
  2. We will have a selection of pre-made designs ready to ship to their new home. These will be seasonal and limited. They will be regularly restocked and new designs or past favourites will constantly pop up. These designs will mainly be 4ft in length and have silver hardware unless otherwise stated.
  3. Whipping will be slightly different, which has been altered to be better fitted to the rope. they will be single coloured only, either jute twine, white or coloured.
  4. International shipping will have a price increase for larger orders due to the high costs associated with bulky items. Unfortunately this means the free shipping for international orders has been removed
  5. Bandanas have been removed from the store for the time being, in the future we may bring in new release fabrics
  6. We have removed all Zippy Paws toys from our store. If you just cant get enough of the Zippy Paws range, be sure to check out Trick 4 TreatΒ 
What stayed the same?
  1. Were just as dedicated at bringing your the perfect rope products with unique colour-ways, durable functions and unlimited options.
  2. The same high quality fibre reactive dye will be used on ALL of our products
  3. consistent releases of new styles
How will we know whats coming soon?
  • stay up to date with all new releases and styles by following @the.howlingzodiac over on instagram. Turn on post notifications so you don’t miss out on important releases and info
  • Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to hear of giveaways, sales and important news
  • We will be asking YOU over on Instagram certain questions about upcoming releases



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