How to clean

Now that you have your new Howling Zodiac products, you may experience the true test of the product if your pet chooses to go for a nice run in the ocean or through a muddy puddle. You may start to freak out and stress that your new leash is ruined. But never fear! our Zodiac leashes are better than ever!

There was a time in the history of our leashes where we would say 'Do not take into the ocean. Do not get wet.' But these days are different and now you can put the most use into your new products as possible.

The science-

Here at The Howling Zodiac, we use a special type of fabric dye that requires an added ingredient to activate the dying process. Without the secret ingredient (or Chemical X as I call it) our ropes will come out of our final machine washing process as a white, un-dyed rope.

This secret ingredient is added to the dye bath half way through the process and, in most colours, we see an instant change in the colour of the dye bath and it is OHHHH so satisfying actually seeing the dye come to life!

But what this secret ingredient does is actually chemically bonds the dye to the fibres of the rope, instead of just 'staining' the rope like most other dyes. This process is completely safe for pets (and children if you ever have a child that likes to chew things) and it is even able to be dyed using cold water. Most cheaper dyes MUST be dyed using boiling hot water and can weaken the rope fibres.

Anyway as I was saying... The best part about this secret ingredient chemically bonding to the fibres is that it actually BECOMES part of the rope, so to speak. This means our leashes are all water resistant and the colours are permanent. You will be able to take your leash swimming in fresh water or the ocean. You will be able to get your leash muddy and dirty. Just make sure you rinse your leash with clean cold water as soon as you can after all that fun stuff.


Cleaning your rope leash or collar-

Rinsing your item as soon as you can will ensure the hardware will not rust. Simply pop your leash or collar in a garment bag and wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent.

Be mindful to not use a detergent with bleach or non-colour-safe detergents. Hang out to dry only, do not tumble dry.

While our leashes are colour-fast, it is recommended for any light colours such as pastels & white to not be used in muddy areas or be dragged on the ground as the cotton rope is still prone to staining from dirt and mud.

*Rope is subject to general fading due to sunlight etc... (Just like our own clothing)

**Only wash when necessary.