Here at The Howling Zodiac we strive to create beautiful and quality pet attire that would be both stylish and logical for your pooch to wear.

That is why we ask that you measure your pet accordingly so we can create the best fit for your pet to ensure the safety and comfort is spot on.

Please see below, all of the different products sizing and the best way to measure your pet.


Rope leashes-

While measuring your pets neck is not needed to order a rope leash, it is still important to take into consideration our different lengths of leashes as they vary quite dramatically and have different uses.

2FT- Are useful in heavily populated areas such as cities and markets where a lot of distractions could take place. Our shortest leash is great for keeping your pet by yourself and feeling safe in stressful situations. It also helps for strong pullers as it limits their pulling ability with the short length.

4FT- Great for smaller pooches or when you are walking more then one pet at a time as it reduces the risk of getting tangled. This length is good for a nice stroll where you do not wish to give your pet too much room to roam and wish to keep them close to you but not so close that they cannot explore.

5FT- Our most popular length. It is perfect for every day walking and jogging or if you enjoy your pet walking loose leash in front of you, as it is not too short to have your pet tripping over your feet! This leash allows your pet to explore its surroundings while still be tethered to you. Not recommended for puppies or pets that do not yet know how to walk on leash.

6FT- Our length leash (longer available on request). This is great for running or biking with your pooch as it allows your pet to run beside or in front of you without becoming tangled. They are a great recall training leash or to allow extra roaming without letting your pet off leash. great for on leash areas for your pet to play. Not recommended for strong pulling dogs.


Rope Collars-

It is very important to measure your pets neck at the base/thickest part very carefully as our rope collars are NON-ADJUSTABLE. it is best to measure with a flexible tape measure and not to measure your pets actual collar, as our rope collars are thicker so they do not measure the same as regular collars.

Please measure the exact size of the neck and we will allow room in our own measurements.

Small- 35cm with 12mm rope thickness.  They will be fitted with a Lobster claw hook and O'Ring.

Medium- 45cm with 12mm rope thickness. They will be fitted with a Lobster claw hook and O'Ring.

Large- 55cm with 12mm rope thickness. they will be fitted with a lobster claw hook and O'Ring

Extra Large- 70cm with 12mm rope thickness. They will be fitted with a lobster claw hook and O'Ring


Fabric Collars-

Our versatile fabric collars are suitable for most sized dogs with the exception of small puppies at this time due to the thickness being 25mm. These collars are adjustable and very comfortable for your furry best friend.

All Fabric collars come equipped with a plastic side release buckle and a metal D'Ring.

Small-  20cm to 30cm

Medium- 30cm to 40cm

Large- 40cm to 50cm

Extra Large- 50cm to 60cm



Bandanas are perfect for completing an outfit or to quickly put on your pooch to look elegantly unique

Measure your pet with a flexible measuring tape around the base of their neck.

Extra small- up to 20cm

Small- up to 30cm

Medium- up to 40cm

Large- up to 50cm

Extra Large- up to 60cm


Please ensure sizing is measured carefully as we do not refund or exchange custom made items due to incorrect sizing.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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