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My name is Demmi and I am the owner/creator of The Howling Zodiac formally known as Cosmic Ropes.

Thank you so very much for stumbling onto my website and viewing my products that I lovingly made.

I take such great pride in my work and strive to constantly improve my skills and product range. It is because of that reason, why I decided to make a great big change to my shop and give it a name and website change!

When I created Cosmic Ropes, I was so proud of myself that I was able to create something out of nothing but love. I started from the bottom and worked my way up all on my own with the guiding help of my mentor and brother at the same time (how lucky am I?!) 

every part of my business I do myself, including building my websites, creating my products, answering emails and everything in between. So at the time I didn't even think about actually expanding my product range, I loved my newly created small business with rope products. 

My family and I also have such an incredible admiration to the universe and anything intergalactic. Hence the name Mars- one of my CEO pooches, that is also why I chosen Cosmic Ropes. Ive always been fascinated and often cause in a daze thinking about what is past our solar system and dinosaurs, and don't worry I most definitely tried to incorporate Dinos! 

But as my knowledge and love for a vast range of pet accessories grew, I knew that it was time for this caterpillar leave its cocoon and spread it wings to explore the greater universe to what we once knew. 

We entered our spaceship and journeyed far far away from our cosmic atmosphere into a howling wolf pack set of constellations. Here is where we landed in The Howling Zodiac cluster to spend our time serving our fellow furry friends in stylish attire and love. 

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